Friday, January 22, 2010

Teacher as learner

We always say that if we want deeply engaged learners, we need deeply engaged teachers. Growth mindset, commitment to renewal, a focus on each learner - these are all things that we value. I recently came across a power point by Wes Fryer on Slideshare that articulates many of the things I aspire to be and hope that my children have.
The problem is, Wes picks so many things. I'd have a hard time picking ones I don't think are important, and I know that teachers are busy people and we are always adding to the list of things we want them to be and do. And they can't do them because we compel them too, it has to be because they really want to or it is not enough. Teachers have to really want it.

What can I do to create the conditions where teachers want to engage in the way Wes suggests? What barriers do we need to address?

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  1. As an eduator, this may be a very exciting time to be getting into new realms of teaching, but as a parent, I feel discouraged that my children are still in an education system where they aren't getting this kind of learning. I can't wait five years for this kind of change to happen. It makes me want to pull them out of school and educate them myself - and that is a frustrating conundrum since my wife is a teacher.