Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Forward Failure

I often enjoy Joe Bower's blog, and the video he posted today is no exception. I have spent the last week or so doing some reflection about the results of the year as I write up my materials for the Collegiate Renewal board report. As I am writing, I am reminded of the concept of growth mindset once again. I am finding some fantastic successes, but being me, I mostly see where I didn't hit the target or there is opportunity for growth.

As I looked over the goals I had for the year, I was able to say that I met a number of them, but there were just as many that I got part way to or made no measurable progress on.

So what does this mean?

From a fixed mindset position, "those I worked with did not do enough, I was unlucky, there were barriers that were too big and the whole process is stupid. " From a growth mindset position, here is what I learned:
  • I would set the goals collectively next time, so they are more shared
  • The lines from professional development to student engagement need to be clearer (Reeves and Guskey).
  • Feedback needs to be a greater part of the process at all levels
Like always, I actually look forward to the opportunity to try some more and get closer to meeting the needs out there. I am also really excited about each and ever success and look as closely at that as I do at the failures/learning opportunities. I think both are all about how to move forward. I liked the video (minus the fact that it was so American) because it reminded me how much failures are stepping stones just the way success is.

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